Saturday, September 8, 2007

Start to worry

IU needs a long drive here to run some clock and preferably get some points.

The kick-off goes out of bounds. IU takes it at its 35.

First down is a run to McCray who gets through the hole and gets a first down at its 47. McCray runs again, but loses a yard. Second and 11. Lewis throws to Fisher, who gets two yards. Third and nine. He stayed in bounds. Clock is running...

IU is called for false start on third down. Now it's third and 14. Lewis throws an interception. WMU gets the ball at the 48 yard line. James Bailey is down. He made the tackle on the pick. He's limping...

IU has been outscored 20-6 in the second half. On first down IU gets a sack. Nice play. Second and 12 after the two-yard loss. The pass is incomplete after the receiver couldn't hold the ball. Third down.

Big play coming up ... Huge play. And WMU is flagged for delay of game. Third and 17. Not the direction they want to go. The pass is overthrown. Fourth down. WMU punts. They down it at the IU 32 yard line. 5:35 to go.

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