Saturday, September 8, 2007

Defense is back on the field

Illinois has gone up 7-0 nearing with less than four minutes to go in the first half. Penn St. is up 24-10 now.

The kickoff is a touchback. WMU starts at its 20.

First down--WMU throws for a gain of nine. Second and short. The IU defense looked confused on the play, according to the radio. A run for a four gives WMU a first down. WMU receiver Jamarko Simmons takes a pick away from IU for a 20-yard gain. Expect to hear his name a lot.

First down from the shotgun. It's a pass for a 4-yard gain to the Hoosiers 44 yard line. Second down is another sizable gain for third and short. WMU goes no-huddle and runs for the first down after a three-yard gain.

The ball is deep in IU territory now. WMU throws a screen pass that is knocked away. Second and 10 at the IU 37. It's another pass complete, but a good tackle to keep the gain to about two yards. Third and eight. WMU false starts again. Third and 13. WMU's QB takes it himself, but he runs for two yards. It's fourth down, but WMU is going for it. It's too far for a field goal.

It's a quick kick and IU fair-catches it at the 16. IU is called for a 5-yard penalty for offsides and WMU's offense comes back on the field. They are going to go for it on 4th and 7. Simmons makes a one-handed catch for a first down at the IU 24. The penalty killed the Hoosiers there.

On first down, the defense makes a great play on a swing pass for a loss of three. That makes it second and 13. WMU runs the ball on second down for about six. It's third and seven from the IU 21. The Hoosiers get some pressure on WMU's QB on third down, but he runs for a first down.

On the 14th play of the drive, IU gets a sack. Second and long.

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