Saturday, September 8, 2007

More defense, WMU deep in its own territory

WMU gets a four-yard pass on first down. A pass out of the backfield goes for a big play. They get to the IU 43.

First down is a pass to no one in the end zone. Second and 10. Pass is caught at the IU 32 for a first down. Broncos are back in the no-huddle. A hand-off goes for three yards.

The defense has to step up here. WMU is working on a momentum change. Second down is a pass deep again, but it's knocked away. Third and eight. Simmons catches a pass and gets to the eight after IU forces the WMU QB to scramble and he makes something out of nothing again.

First and goal. WMU loses two on a QB sneak. It's second and goal from the 10. WMU fumbles again on the seven yard line after a quick run up the middle. IU recovers. Another HUGE defensive play. WMU has six turnovers.

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