Saturday, September 8, 2007

Start of the second quarter

WMU finished the first quarter with a good run to the near mid-field for a first down.

On first down, WMU runs for a good gain. Austin Thomas is down. The radio guys say it looks like he took a hit in the head. He didn't move for several seconds, but he is sitting up now. Now he walks off the field on his own.

Another throw, another pass to Simmons. He makes the catch near the IU 35. WMU runs again to the 32. A run to the 29 brings up third down and two. IU forces a loss of two on a QB sneak to make it fourth down. WMU is going for it again, but they call time out before the play.

Penn St. is up 31-10 now with six minutes to go. South Carolina leads Ga. 16-12 with under five minutes left. But USC has the ball.

Fourth and four, and WMU converts again. IU nearly gets a sack, but the pass is good enough to get to the IU 21.

WMU throws into the end zone on first down, but the tight end drops it. Second and 10 is a hand-off for about a gain of one. Third and nine. IU gets a HUGE interception in the end zone and returns it to the 11 yard line. Brian Fairs makes the big play.

IU gets the ball back. Demetrius McCray runs for about five on first down. Thigpen gets the first down on second and five. He comes in motion and gets the hand-off as he passes by the center.

First down at the IU 25. Lewis throws to Fisher for seven yards. Lewis throws to Fisher, who takes it to the 38 yard line for a first down. Lewis throws incomplete, he was looking for James Hardy, who doesn't have a catch yet.

Second and 10, McCray runs for two yards. Third and eight. Lewis throws to James Bailey. He doesn't make the catch, but there is a flag for pass interference. That gives IU a first down at mid-field.

First down is an incomplete pass. It was a lateral, which is a loss of five. Second and 15. Five wide receivers ... Lewis throws incomplete. Another flag for holding on the Hoosiers. WMU declines it to make it third and 15. Lewis throws incomplete again, looking for Hardy. IU decides to punt on fourth down.

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