Saturday, September 8, 2007

On the goal line...

Sears takes the hand-off and loses two yards on first and goal. Second down from the five yard line. Lewis throws a lob pass to Hardy, who catches it, but he was out of bounds. Third and goal.

On third down, Lewis throws it to Hardy for the TD, but IU is flagged for illegal shift. Third down and goal from the 10. Coach Lynch doesn't like the call...

Lewis throws into the end zone again and its incomplete. But there's another flag. WMU is offsides and IU gets the ball at the five yard line. It's third down for a third time. Less than 4 minutes to go in the half.

Lewis from the shotgun takes the snap, but IU is flagged for illegal procedure. Third down from the 10 yard line again. Lewis hits Hardy over the middle for a TOUCHDOWN!!! And with no flags. How about that. The extra point is good. Its IU-24, WMU-7.

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