Saturday, September 8, 2007

How about the defensive display?

That's 14 straight points off turnovers. Why did WMU switch quarterbacks? And what about James Hardy? He has three touchdown catches on the year now.

Austin Thomas is out for the game with a concussion.

The kick-off is taken by WMU to its 24 yard line. The Broncos changed QBs again. The new guy throws for a gain of three to the 27. Second down is a completion that moves WMU out to the 37 and a first down. The next throw is another IU INTERCEPTION. Mitchell Evans gets his second of the game.

IU can get another score before the half... Lewis gives the ball to McCray on first down, who takes it a few yards to the WMU 38. Second and six. McCray runs again, but is hit in the backfield and loses three. Third and nine. Lewis runs for it ... and gets the first down. 1:14 to go in the half.

IU is at the WMU 32. Lewis throws complete to Andrew Means to the 26. Second and three is a completion to Hardy for a first down. IU has one timeout left.

Lewis throws to James Bailey who makes the catch and runs out of bounds at the 12 yard line. Second and one. 27 seconds. Lewis throws at Means, but it's incomplete. 22 seconds.

Thigpen gets the hand-off and runs inside the five. First and goal at the four. IU false starts and moves back to the nine yard line. 15 seconds to go in the half.

Lewis throws into the end zone, but it's incomplete. Second and goal.

IU has six penalties in the half.

Lewis has to take a sack and IU calls time out with seven seconds left. Third and goal.

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