Saturday, September 8, 2007

More offense

Iowa already is up 14-0 on Syracuse about half way through the first quarter. South Carolina continues to lead Georgia 16-9.

Ray Fisher takes the kick-off. He runs it to the 26.

On first down, Lewis goes into the shortgun. It's a hand-off to Thigpen, and he loses three yards. Second and 13. Lewis throws to Fisher for a gain of nine ... third and four. Lewis throws deep to Andrew Means who makes the catch inside the WMU 35. It's a 35-yard gain and a first down.

Lewis gives to Thigpen, who runs for about five yards to the WMU 29 yard line. Second and six. Thigpen runs again for no gain. Third and six is a Lewis run close to the first down. They spot it about a foot short. The Hoosiers appear to be going for it, but call time-out first.

Fourth and one ... Lewis throws to Sears for a TOUCHDOWN!!! It was a fake hand-off. The extra point is good. IU leads 10-7.

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