Saturday, September 8, 2007

IU has it again

Thigpen gets a good kick-off return. He goes 37-yards and gives IU good field position.

First and 10 from the IU 44. Thigpen takes the hand-off and gains about four yards. Second and six. Lewis fakes the hand-off and throws the Sears who takes it to the WMU 30 yard line for a first down. Another big play for the offense.

Five wide receivers on first down. Lewis' pass is deflected and incomplete. Second and 10. Lewis runs and gains only a yard. Third and long. Lewis has to run again and gets to the 30 for another yard or two. Fourth down and IU is going for it. It's too far for a field goal. Timeout is called by IU and now it looks like a field goal attempt.

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