Saturday, September 8, 2007

Offense needs to get going

McCray takes the hand-off and runs all the way to the 30 of WMU, but fumbles. IU recovers it.

Thigpen takes the hand-off on first down and loses one. Second down. Lewis swings it to Ray Fisher who runs to the WMU 20 for a first down. Thigpen takes the hand-off again and still can't get going. Second and 13. Lewis throws to Bailey, but he drops it. He appears hurt, according to the radio guys. Third down. Lewis throws to Fisher on a quick sideline pass and he runs it inside the 10. Another first down. A WMU player is injured, so there is a stop in play. It's raining again, 6:13 to go in the third quarter.

Both ESPN games are at halftime. I'm watching the NASCAR race now. Less than 85 laps to go, Jimmy Johnson is leading.

First and goal from the seven yard line. Thigpen still can't get a decent gain. A flag is down. Its on IU, first and goal from the 18. Lewis hits Fisher at the five yard line. Second and goal. Lewis throws to Hardy, but he can't catch it. It sounds like the defender made a good play.

Third and goal. Lewis throws to Hardy again. He catches it, but is out of bounds. Another field goal attempt. This one is good from 24 yards. IU leads 34-7.

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