Saturday, September 8, 2007

Offense back once again

IU gets the ball at the 20 after the kick-off goes into the end zone. But there is a flag on IU for holding. IU now gets the ball at the 10. First and 10. Lewis throws to Hardy, who looked like he would catch it, but is hit hard and drops it. Second and 10. Lewis runs to the 15 and another flag is down. It's a late hit on Western Michigan -- a 15-yard penalty to the 31 yard line.

Lewis throws it away on first down. On second and 10, Thigpen gets to the 35 on a quick run. It's third and six. Lewis throws it at Brandon Walker-Roby, who can't make the catch. But thanks to a pass interference call (How many is that now?) It's a first down. That's 10 penalties on WMU. IU has nine.

Lewis runs for about a yard on first down. Second down and Lewis throws to Means, but he is whacked and its incomplete. Third down. Lewis throws it to Bailey, who can't catch it. The crowd is unhappy about something ... IU has to punt.

WMU takes it at the 11 yard line.

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