Saturday, September 8, 2007

After the punt...

WMU takes the ball at its 18 yard line. Time out for TV, which I can't see...

Early stats are available here, but they're very old.

South Carolina is trying to hang on ... Georgia has the ball down four with less than a minute to go. The gamecocks win it in a big upset.

Penn St. just beat ND 31-10.

WMU's QB can only go for one yard on first down. Second and nine and the Hoosier know the pass down at the line of scimmage. Third down and WMU makes a huge play again. It's a pass out to midfield. He was trying to avoid a sack and turns nothing into something. WMU on first down fumbles and D-lineman Greg Middleton runs it back for an IU TOUCHDOWN!!!. We're cashing in on turnovers! The extra point is good and its 17-7 Hoosiers.

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