Saturday, September 8, 2007

On the goal line...

Second down ... Lewis tries a QB sneak, but doesn't get in. Third down. Lewis sneaks again, this time to the right side. No TD signal again. He gets to the one-foot line. Fourth down.

They need to go for it. This is the knock-out blow. They're going for it. Lewis sneaks a third time and he still can't get in. Turnover on downs. UGH!!! How can you not get a foot? And what happened to all those running backs the Hoosiers had in the game?

WMU takes over. They try to surprise IU with a long bomb, but the pass is overthrown. The WMU QB rotation is complete, their starter is back in. Second down and WMU runs it out to about the three yard line. That brings up third down and eight.

WMU throws down field again ... incomplete. Here comes a punt from the back of the end zone. Looking for good field position here. Tracy Porter takes it at the WMU 39 and gets it to the 27 yard line.

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