Saturday, September 8, 2007

Defense back in

First down and WMU fumbles again. IU recovers it!!! Another turnover recovered by the Hoosiers. And this one is deep in WMU territory.

I'm giving the defense the game ball this week. First down and Thigpen runs inside the five to the two yard line. There's a flag down ... its holding against the Hoosiers. First down again, this time at the 23 yard line. Lewis throws it to Hardy, who can't catch it. But pass interference is called.

Hardy is limping off the field, according to the radio guys. They say it may be a cramp. Hoosierland is holding its breath.

First down after the flag. Lewis gives to McCray who runs to the goal line and fumbles into the end zone. It's recovered by center Benn Wyss for the TOUCHDOWN!!!.

The play is reviewed ... McCray is ruled down at the one, making it second and goal. No TD yet...

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