Saturday, September 8, 2007

Finish strong Part III

WMU has it first and 10. It's a hand-off for a gain of seven. Second down. No huddle. They get the first down. Shotgun ... the pass is incomplete. Second and 10. Pass is caught by Simmons over the middle for another first down. A gain of 14 and WMU now is at the IU 41. On first down, the hand-off goes for no gain. Second down and 10. The pass is incomplete, too high for Simmons. 9:06 to go in the game.

Third and 10. The tight end makes the catch for the first down. He was wide open. First down is pass into the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN. He may not have gotten his feet down. WMU inches closer... WMU is going for two. The pass is almost intercepted. Try is no good. IU leads 37-27. Under 9 minutes to go.

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