Saturday, September 8, 2007

Following the big fumble return...

With the Penn St. win complete, ESPN switches to LSU-Virginia Tech. Still no score early.

Auburn already is down 7-0 to South Florida early in the third quarter.

IU kicks and WMU and they take the kick-off into IU territory.

First down is a QB sneak for a loss of four. WMU already has replaced QBs. Now a freshman is in. On second down, the pass is incomplete. Third and 14. Under six minutes to go in the half.

The freshman takes the snap on third down and FUMBLES!! Will Patterson recovers for the Hoosiers and the offense is back in business. How about all this defense. That's at least three turnovers already and four sacks.

From the WMU 47. Lewis throws to Bailey for nine yards. Second and short. Thigpen runs for the first down on a gain of about five to the WMU 35. Thigpen runs again for a short gain, but WMU is flagged for a late hit. That's a 15-yard personal foul penalty. Now IU is at the WMU 16 yard line.

Lewis keeps and runs to the three yard line. First and goal.

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