Monday, December 31, 2007

Time is running out

I think IU just doesn't have it today. Not only are they overmatched, but they aren't playing very well either. There has been nothing consistent about either the offense or the defense.

First and 10 OK St. at their 43 yard line. First down is a run for a gain of one. Second and nine. The pass is incomplete. Third and nine. The pass is complete for a gain of 10. Wouldn't the corners want to get a little aggressive here since they are so far behind?

On first down, another completion, but OK St. is flagged for delay of game for throwing the ball after the catch. Second and 18. The hand-off goes for a gain of four. Third and 15. The pass is a screen, but IU reads it perfectly. It's fourth and 15 and the Cowboys punt. It goes into the endzone. 10:31 to go.

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