Monday, December 31, 2007

Cowboys have the ball again

First and 10 OK St. at the 29. A run ends with a fumble, but the Cowboys recover. It went forward and now it's second and three. Another bad break. The pitch on second down gets the first down. IU can't defend the option at all.

First down and the hand-off gains three to the 47. Second and seven. Hand-off for a gain of five. Third and two. It's a pass that's incomplete. Fourth down and OK St. punts. Flag down as the punt is fair caught at the 15. IU is offsides. First down OK St. Radio guys get it right ... inexcusable. If the Cowboys score here, the game may be over.

First and 10. The pass is incomplete. Second and 10. Hand-off goes for 10 yards and a first down at the IU 33. The next QB run is a gain of three even though IU is close to a sack. Second and seven. Hand-off again goes to the 4. Flag is down ... holding on the Cowboys. Second and eight now. Another run, but IU stops them for a loss. Third and nine. The third quarter ends. OK St. 42-IU 17.

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