Monday, December 31, 2007

IU offense on the field

A really short field for the Hoosier offense this time. That was the first Cowboy punt.

First and 10. Lewis gives to Thigpen who runs left on a sweep to the 12, a gain of 13. First down. Lewis gives to Thigpen again, who gets another three yards to the 9. Second and seven. Lewis throws to Payton, but it's incomplete. Third and seven. IU needs a touchdown.

Lewis throws to Hardy on a sideline pass. He loses a yard. Field goal attempt ... It's a fake! Lewis takes the snap and throws to the kicker, Austin Starr, who runs to the 1 yard line. He made two great moves to get the first down. First and goal. Lewis gives to Payton who gets to the one-foot line. Second down and inches. Lewis scores on the QB sneak. TOUCHDOWN!! OK St. was offsides, but that doesn't matter. Extra point is good. OK St. leads 35-17.

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