Monday, December 31, 2007

Hoosiers may be overmatched

The Cowboys look a lot better than their 6-6 record. Or IU looks a lot worse than its 7-5 record. OK St. scored TDs on each of their possessions in the first half.

Lewis throws to Hardy for about six yards on first down. It goes to the 26 yard line. Lewis hits Means for seven more and a first down. Under 2 minutes to go. Lewis throws incomplete and for a bonus, IU gets called for holding. First and 20. Lewis throws deep to James Bailey but its incomplete after a big hit. Second and 20, 1:31 to go. Lewis throws incomplete looking for Hardy. Third down and 20. Lewis hits Means for 10. But it's still fourth and 10 with 1:03 to go. OK St. calls timeout to stop the clock.

The punt goes to the OK St. 26. First down is a run for nine yards. Second down is a QB option run for the first down. First down again and its a throw to the IU 41. Another first down with 21 seconds left. The next throw is intercepted!! The defense hasn't quit yet.

IU takes a knee with 10 seconds to go. Halftime -- Oklahoma State 25, Indiana 10.

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