Monday, December 31, 2007

The rout is on...

The radio guys have said the 40-some day layoff is to blame for some of the defensive mistakes. I don't believe that. The Hoosiers had trouble defending the option against Illinois and pretty much defending anything all year. Today, they're being exposed again. Are the nerves getting to them?

The last OK St. drive lasted less than 2 minutes.

Kick off is taken from the endzone to the 16. First down is a run by Thigpen for a loss of about a half yard. Second and 10. Lewis throws incomplete on a sideline pass for Thigpen. Third and 10. Lewis from the shotgun runs for the first down to the 29 yard line. A gain of 14.

On first down, Thigpen runs for no gain again. End of the first quarter.

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