Monday, December 31, 2007

Cowboys have a short field again

Why didn't Lewis or another back run on fourth down? A pass seems unnecesary when you need less than a yard. It's another bad break.

First down at their 43 yard line. A pitch to the outside is a gain of two. Second and eight. IU intercepts the pass, but they're offside, so it doesn't count. Second and three. Good news, Tracy Porter is back in the game.

The second and three pass is incomplete. IU got some pressure on the OK St. QB. Third and three. They need a stop here...

It's an option run by the QB for a first down to the IU 36. Still no defense...

On first and 10, OK St. its a pass to the sideline for a good gain. But a flag is down. OK St. is called for holding. First and 14 from the 40. A throw for a first down on a gain of 15. First down at the 25. A run goes for a loss of six after the running back tries to cut back. But another flag. It was picked up. Second and 16. Sideline pass for 11 to the 20. These are all short passes that are going for long runs. Third down. Another throw to the sideline for a first down to the IU 14.

First down and nearing another TD. They throw into the endzone, but the receiver is out of bounds. Second and 10. Another throw into the endzone and its incomplete. Third and 10. Throw into the endzone for a TD. The receiver wasn't covered. Now its 28-3 after the extra point.

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