Monday, December 31, 2007

Better, but IU needs a stop

Where was that drive in the first quarter?

OK St. starts at the 36 yard line. On first down, the Cowboys throw a pass to the IU 40. The next play is a seven-yard run. Quick snap again and they run for a first down to the 25 yard line. Another QB run to the 20. The defense can't maintain the momentum. It seems I'm typing the same thing every time the Cowboys get the ball.

Another few plays and an IU penalty gets the ball to the IU 2 for first and goal. A QB sneak goes to the 1. First half is almost over. QB sneak again for the TD. The officials review the play and it's upheld. Extra point is good. Cowboys lead 35-10.

This one may be out of reach. You can't make any adjustments for what OK St. is doing.

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