Monday, December 31, 2007

Another stop and IU is back in business

Did I speak too soon again? If the IU defense can get a quick three and out and score again, we'll have a game again.

Kick-off goes to the 20. OK St.'s offense is back on the field. First down is a run up the middle for two yards. Second and eight. It's a throw to the sidelines for a first down at the 32. Another pass is caught at the IU 28. It was a great catch for a 39-yard gain. Another throw to the sideline and it's almost picked off again. Second and 10. A run for another six yards. Third and four. QB run is for two, bringing up fourth down. No field goal attempt here. Fourth and two. A throw to the tight end for a first down at the 14. A hand-off goes to the 9. Second and five. Another inside hand-off, but this time it's a two-yard loss. Third and seven. A throw to the endzone for a touchdown. More bad coverage combined with a perfect throw.

Extra point is good. OK St. leads 42-17. There goes the momentum.

Attendance is 48,892, almost a sell-out.

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