Monday, December 31, 2007

Make it respectable

A score would be nice, but IU likely doesn't have enough time to tie the game. At least try to make it close...

First and 10 from the 20. Thigpen runs for a three-yard loss. Second and 13. Are they running the clock out? Lewis throws incomplete. Third and 13. Lewis runs up the sideline for the first down and goes out of bounds at the 38. I actually saw a highlight of the game on ESPN. The 15 seconds are all OK St.

Payton runs for seven yards on first down. Payton runs for a first down near the OK St. 40. It's a gain of 14. Means throws to Lewis after a reverse and it's a gain of 16. Another first down. Lewis runs to the 20 for a gain of five. 7:45 to go. Second down. Lewis tries to hit Hardy, but he can't catch it. Radio guys say the defenders have hands all over him, but the officials won't call it. Third down. Lewis throws to Means, who can't catch it, but a flag comes out. Pass interference on OK St. First and goal at the Cowboy 5. Lewis gives to Josiah Sears who runs for the TOUCHDOWN!! Extra point is good. OK St. leads 42-24. IU is flagged for celebration in the endzone and must kick from the 15 yard line.

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