Monday, December 31, 2007

First drive

Oregon has hung more than half a hundred on South Florida. Oh, how the once mighty have fallen.

OK St. is the home team, wearing the orange jerseys. IU is wearing the road whites with red pants. The Cowboys won the toss and deferred.

IU takes the opening kick. IU loses three yards on the first play, a hand-off to Marcus Thigpen. James Hardy gets a first down near the 35 on a second and long pass from Kellen Lewis. Lewis hits Nick Sexton near the 41 for a gain of about seven on first down. On second down, Lewis is flushed out of the pocket, but runs for 14 yards. It's first down again, and Thigpen takes the hand-off for three yards. On second and seven, Lewis throws it to Ray Fisher for a gain of five to the OK St. 37 yard line. Third and two. Bryan Payton makes the catch at the 31 to get the first down.

First down. Fisher gets it on an end-around for a gain of three. The defense contained well on that play. Second and seven. Lewis hands to Thigpen, who gets another three or so. It's third and four at the OK St. 25. Lewis throws incomplete with the pressure coming.

Field goal attempt coming...its GOOD!! IU leads 3-0 with 10:41 to go in the first quarter.

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