Monday, December 31, 2007

A decent first drive, but...

The IU offense has to do something about the pressure. OK St. put some heat on Kellen Lewis on a couple occasions. For the most part they looked good. I would like to see some more of the running game, too.

Kick-off is taken to the OK St. 33 yard line. First down is an option play for a gain of seven. There's a surprise, all the Cowboys do is run the ball. Second down is the option again to IU 48 for a first down. The next play is a pass for a gain of three. Second and seven. A run for a loss, but IU is flagged for a face mask. Its the 15-yard variety and takes the ball to the IU . On first down, a pass to the tight-end gets a first down inside the 30. Another run and this time, the Cowboys get to the IU 3 for a gain of 14.

First and goal on the quick snap and its a touchdown. The extra point is good. 7-3 OK St.

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