Saturday, September 1, 2007

We're getting closer to halftime...

The kick-off is returned to the ISU 23 yard line.

It's 21-0 Bowling Green over Minnesota, and Cal just scored again to make it 27-21 with the extra point coming. Pitt beat Eastern Michigan. My dad will be happy.

On first down, an incomplete pass. On second down, ISU tries that shovel pass, but it's almost intercepted. The D is learning as we move along in the half. That makes it third down. Another shovel pass, but he is short of a first down. ISU has to punt again. Under 5 minutes to go in the half.

The punt is not fielded and downed inside the IU 30. Lewis runs on first down for about 6 yards, making it second and 4. Second down...a hand-off for about a yard. Third and 3. Lewis makes a quick pass to Bryan Payton for a first down at the ISU 43.

Lewis went deep on first down, and it's intercepted. He threw into double-coverage.

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