Sunday, August 26, 2007

Steelers-Eagles...defense first drive

McNabb zips one out to the outside for about 11 yards on first down. They were giving the receiver a big cushion.

Westbrook doesn't get much on the second play of the drive. On 2nd and 8, another pass--looks like a screen, which goes for 9.

First down again, and the Eagles run for about 4 yards. On second down, Clark Haggans forces a fumble on a near sack, but the Eagles recover it. Nice pass rush that time, and it's 3rd and long.

Eagles false start to make it 3rd and 18. Polamalu and two other Steelers blitz and get the sack, taking the Eagles out of field goal range. Nice play and nice recovery following the lousy start.

Eagles punt and it is fair-caught at the 5. But the Eagles are flagged for an illegal formation and must re-kick. This time, another flag, this time the Steelers are offsides. The Eagles decline the penalty and the Steelers start at their 9 yard line.

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