Saturday, September 1, 2007

IU running some clock...

The Hoosiers have the ball and are working on their rushing attack. Sears is in there now, with Lewis still at QB. On third and short, Lewis throws incomplete and its a quick three-and-out.

Minnesota is down 21-14 against Toledo in the fourth quarter.

ISU gets the ball back on its own 37. The team moves to about the 42, then has to punt.

Southern Cal has just started its game against Idaho in the Coliseum. It took them a little more than 6 minutes to score a TD.

IU is on the move again. A completion by Lewis on a busted play gets the ball to the 47 yard line. Then Lewis is caught in the backfield on a designed running play. ISU got called for a face mask penalty and IU Left Tackle Roger Saffold was down, but leaves the field under his own power, according to the radio call. After the penalty, IU fumbles the ball, but Lewis picks it up and runs it back to the line of scrimmage. Under 6 minutes to go in the third quarter now.

Lewis runs for another first down to about the ISU 20 yard line. After a couple runs for a few yards, Lewis hits tight end Nick Sexton for a first and goal. Then Bryan Payton runs for a 7-yard TD. Extra point is good. That makes it 45-7 Hoosiers.

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