Sunday, August 26, 2007

Steelers offense is back for drive three

This drive starts well, with Ben hitting Krieder for a big gain of about 20. Ben hits Parker on a screen for about four. Ben seems a little sharper on this drive, but they are in much better field position than on the last drive. A run for a yard makes it third and five. Ben from the shotgun hits Heinz Ward for 13 yards and the first down.

From the Eagles 34...the Steelers false start. That makes it first and 15.

Heath Miller makes a great catch for a 38 yard gain and is tackled at the one. He fumbles the ball, but is ruled down. Miller looks great on the play, he makes the catch as the defender hits him hard and bounces off. Miller watched as the smaller defender hits the ground, then turns and runs to the goal line.

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