Monday, August 27, 2007

Play 13? I think so... Part II-conference play

After a 3-0 start, the Hoosiers begin Big Ten play. We're halfway to a December or January game...
  • Week 4 IU v. Illinois: Illinois was rated near the bottom of Division IA and Indiana should have no trouble exposing that. The game is at home and Illinois is not very good, but expected to be improved over last year's 2-10 effort. Ron Zook is a capable coach, but IU should have the edge in this game. IU 28, IL 14
  • Week 5 IU v. Iowa: This will be IU toughest game of the season so far. The Hawkeyes are a tough team this year, and even tougher at home. ESPN prediced Iowa would bounce back from a 6-7 season to finish 10-2. Iowa will be too tough for the Hoosiers, even without Drew Tate. IU 17, Iowa 27.
  • Week 6 IU v. Minnesota: It is the fourth home game of the first six. Minnesota is expected to be better this year as well. IU is going to have a chip on its shoulder after last year's embarassment. IU 35, Minn. 24. The team is 5-1.
  • Week 7 IU v. Michigan State: The Hoosiers aren't ready for prime time yet, and I don't think a win in East Lansing is likely, even though Michigan State is expected to be down lower than they were last year. It's too much to hope for an MSU meltdown like against Notre Dame. IU 21, MSU 31.
  • Week 8 IU v. Penn State: It's Homecoming and IU enters the game against the highly touted Nitnany Lions 5-2, one win from bowl eligibility. The sexy pick will be an upset here, but Joe Paterno is too good a coach. IU loses a heartbreaker 34-31. The bowl game will have to wait a week or two.
  • Week 9 IU v. Wisconsin: IU is on a two-game losing streak and there is no help upcoming. The Hoosiers must travel to Madison to face the Badgers, who are expected to be a Rose Bowl contender and start the season #7. IU has had Wisconsin's number in before (upsets in 2001 and 2002) Unfortunately, the Hoosiers' losing streak hits three in a row. IU 14, Wisconsin 31.
  • Week 10 IU v. Ball State: IU has dropped to 5-4 and there is some doubt in B-town. Enter our friends from Muncie, who have served as a wondeful season-opening whipping boy in the past. This team is different, with a hot quarterback that gave Michigan all it wanted last year. The Hoosiers take the game, and the bowl game invitation. Students storm the field as IU wins 35-21 and moves to 6-4.
  • Week 11 IU v. Northwestern: The problem here is IU has to travel to Evanston, Ill. The good news is there are a lot of IU grads in the Chicago area. Northwestern is expected to be a bowl-eligible team this year because of a soft schedule, but that is a mask of their real talent. IU wins another surprisingly close game 28-21.
  • Week 12 IU v. Purdue: The Battle for the Old Oaken Bucket. IU is looking for some revenge after losing in West Lafayette last year. And an 8th win would be the most since the Hoosiers last bowl appearance in 1993. Purdue is a good team and should have six or seven wins going into this game. In this game you throw out the records. The IU grad in me says IU will win it 31-28.

IU will finish 8-4, more than enough to get a bowl bid.

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