Saturday, September 1, 2007

The next Hoosier drive

Cal is back up on Tennessee 14-7.

IU takes the kick-off to the 25 after a mix-up on the kick-off. Two IU players ran into each other trying to catch it. The radio call indicates the kick was going out of bounds.

IU has the ball...first down is a run of 3 yards by Marcus Thigpen. Second down is a slant route pass, but a flag is down. It's pass interference against ISU and an IU first down. Now the ball is at the 43. First quarter nearing its end, we're under 4 minutes.

Thigpen gains 2 yards on a first down run. IU gets into ISU territory on a run for 6 by Josiah Sears. On third down Sears is stopped for no gain. It's fourth down and IU will punt. ISU gets the ball inside the 15 yard line after a 43-yard punt.

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