Saturday, September 1, 2007

The rout is on...

My prediction for this game was 42-17 and it looks like IU is going to eclipse that. IU has 312 total yards now. Let's hope no one gets hurt. We're nearing garbage time.

ISU returns the kick to its 32 yard line after receiving it around the 3. K-State is up 13-9 on Auburn...Cal has taken a 38-21 lead on Tennessee.

ISU moves the ball to about mid-field, but the IU defense stiffens and punts on 4th and 17. A delay of game penalty makes it 4th and 22. ISU punts, but the Hoosiers are called for illegal block in the back. That starts the IU offense at the 19 yard line.

Purdue is up 52-17 with about 9 minutes to go.

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