Sunday, August 26, 2007

I would like to point out...

The NCAA still does not allow live blogging at its events. Why is that?

I'm having fun doing this. It is sort of an experiment for me. I may not go much longer though. My fiance is looking at me weird, like she wants the computer.

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T.J. Brown said...

Tell Jenni to get you a beer and stay out of your way!

Re the NCAA: It's an interpretation of the transmission, description or account of the game... The NCAA thinks that if someone has a live gamecast, it competes against radio, TV and live attendance. I disagree as it's a complement to the above, not a substitute. Of course by claiming that, the NCAA can then exercise control over who live blogs and issue credentials (or charge rights fees!) for same.

Get it while the getting is good. Behavior like that won't help the NCAA's marketability though.