Saturday, September 1, 2007

The defense didn't get much rest...

IU has to kick-off from the 20-yard line after the penalty. ISU takes the kick to the 44, even though the ball landed inside the 20.

Scoreboard update:
Purdue leading Toledo 28-14
Bowling Green leading Minnesota 14-0

ISU starts the drive with an end-around and it gains 8. A hand-off up the middle gets them the first down. The defense is getting some pressure on the ISU quarterback. They forced him to throw it away on first down. ISU is trying to combat the pressure with little shovel passes out of spread sets. Another one of them gets the Sycamores inside the IU 30.

Another run gets ISU inside the 10 on a gain of 16. The IU defense knocks away a pass into the end-zone on first and goal from the 9. A QB sneak gets ISU to the 1 yard line. But it's third down. ISU quick counts...there's a fumble, but ISU picks it up and gets the TD. Extra point is good. It's 14-7.

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