Saturday, August 30, 2008

Second half sputter?

The second half did not start well, but the Hoosier offense appears to be back on track. The score is 31-13 with eight minutes to go, after a 65-yard Lewis run for a touchdown. It was a similar play to the 75-yard score in the first half. Lewis ran the entire way up the middle almost untouched.

The Hoosiers had to be shaken to wake up, however. Western Kentucky closed to 24-13 before Lewis's run. The Hilltoppers have been moving the ball in the second half. That may have to do with the IU defense tiring somewhat (WKU is running a no-huddle offense) and the lack of some starters, who were suspended.

The Hoosiers could put them away with another score on the upcoming drive, especially if it takes some time off the clock.

By the way, there are some stats available at if you click on gametracker.

Note: My dad's alma mater, Pitt, is on the ropes at home against Bowling Green. They have the ball down 3 points with 13 minutes to go.

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