Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Hoosier season is underway

That is a picture of the IU game. On my TV. And its not on ESPN, ESPN 2, Versus, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox or another traditional college football network. It is Big Ten Network. Did I mention it's on my TV?

It's halftime and IU leads 17-0. I liked Kellen Lewis' 75-yard TD run in the first quarter. He outran four defenders the last 30 yards or so. The defense is looking good too. Western Kentucky is not doing much in terms of running the ball. I'm not crazy about some of the big penalties, but that problem should be fixed as they shake off the rust.

For some reason, the stats on the, CBS Sportsline and Big Ten Network sites are not available. But IU needs to come out in the second half and deliver the knock-out blow.

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