Sunday, January 20, 2008

That's hard core

It's really, really, really cold in Green Bay right now. Last check was -2 degrees, according to Fox, with the wind chill in the -20s. The Packers and New York Giants are playing for a ticket to the Super Bowl in what is the third-coldest game in NFL history. Eli Manning, the much publicized, and criticised, quarterback of the Giants, is trying to ensure a perceived jinx does not bite him in the biggest game of his career.

According to the New York Post, Manning is making his fiance sit in the stands rather than in a luxury box. The Giants have lost whenever she has been invited into a box, according to the story.

That's a pretty big request, but if she's willing to do it, more power to here.

It's 3-0 Giants at the beginning of the second quarter. So far so good...

No pictures of Abby McGrew in the stands yet.