Saturday, October 27, 2007

They're storming the field?

This has come up several times during the past few years. When is it acceptable to storm the field or court?

Iowa fans just stormed the field after
beating Michigan State in double overtime 34-27. The Hawkeyes moved their record to 4-5 and 2-4 in the Big Ten. That is not a reason to rush the field and celebrate if you ask me.

If Indiana finally wins its sixth game next week and becomes bowl eligible, I would allow the students to rush the field. Beat the number one team in the country, you can rush the field or court.

Other scenarios where storming the field or court is acceptable:
  1. Win the national championship
  2. Break a losing streak that stretches over many years
  3. Win a conference tournament to gain a berth in the NCAA basketball tournament
  4. Go to the Final Four

Any other acceptable situations?

It's finally over...

Wisconsin decided to run up the score. They put another into the end zone to make it 33-3 with less than 1 minute to go.

Lewis threw another interception just as the clock was running out, raising the turnover total to 5. Hardy also made another catch to bring his total to four catches for 17 yards. Maybe a game in Bloomington will help get the team back on track. The losing streak now is three.

Another disappointment

The Hoosiers didn't look much like a bowl team again today. The Wisconsin Badgers didn't appear all that dominant either, but IU kept making mistakes. After 4 turnovers, the latest coming early in the fourth quarter, IU found itself down 21. During my days as an IU student, that was our cue to leave.

Once again, the defense kept them in the game, but the offense could not get anything going. At the start of the fourth, IU made its deepest penetration of the game, to the Wisconsin 26 yard line. And the next play, Kellen Lewis fumbled the ball. They had the same problem against Penn State -- every time the offense seemed to get something going, it would be abruptly halted by a turnover.

With just under 10 minutes left, it's still 24-3. IU has 196 total yards. Lewis has thrown for only 96 yards and James Hardy has three catches for 9 yards. That is not going to get it done against anybody. Here's a link to a photo on, which is from AP.

It looks like we'll be waiting a full month to get bowl eligible. The next attempt will be at home against Ball State.

Update: Wisconsin just kicked another field goal -- it's 27-3 now.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Atmosphere is part of the game

The World Series is moving to Denver, where it will probably end. The Red Sox won the first two games in Boston this week, showing the American League was much better than the entire National League this year. Playing the Red Sox is very different from beating the Phillies and D-Backs. Youth doesn't always win championships.

I was lucky enough to be in Boston this summer for a few days. Jenni and I did the Fenway Park tour while we were there. It was fun, especially with our tour guide, who knew everything about the team and the stadium, and maybe even witnessed a lot of the events he was telling stories about.

I took this picture during the tour while sitting in the some of the most expensive seats in the house. It's a nice view of the stadium and behind us was the club lounge, available only the those with tickets in that section.

My only complaint about the tour was we didn't get to walk on the field or around the dugouts. But it looked like the grounds crew was working that day.

The real season is about to begin

Even though the college football season is life just about everywhere in the Big Ten, many Hoosier fans still use it as a attention-holder until November, when we begin heading to Assembly Hall instead of Memorial Stadium.

The first ESPN Coaches basketball poll was released today and IU is number 9, just behind Michigan State. North Carolina was number 1, but UCLA received two more first place votes.

If phone-gate doesn't bring the team down, it is going to be the D.J. White show. White is a senior, an pre-season All-American, and the unquestioned leader of the team. Eric Gordon is going to be a big focus, but it is White who must shoulder the load.

A.J. Ratliff and Lance Stemler also must play consistently throughout the season. The first exhibition game is a week from Sunday (Nov. 4) against North Alabama.

The season begins Nov. 12 against Chattanooga, followed by the Chicago Invitational Challenge around Thanksgiving and then the Big Ten-ACC challenge against Georgia Tech.

Of course, for all us non-satellite subscribers ... will we see any of these games? Big Ten Network and Comcast still don't have a deal.

For those two people who actually read this blog -- is IU ranked correctly? Too high or too low ... What do you think?

I'm back...let's go IU

After several weeks dealing with wedding and honeymoon issues, I'm back. And upon my return to the U.S. after missing two weeks, I find the Hoosiers still are one game from being bowl eligible, although at least one reporter thinks 7-5 would give the team a much better chance to play 13 than 6-6.

IU travels to Wisconsin this week to play a Badgers team that has been overrated and has trouble stopping high-powered offenses. Illinois beat them 31-26 even though Wisconsin ran up 519 total yards and Penn State white-washed them 38-7. The Badgers also had trouble with UNLV, gave up 31 points to the Citadel, and gave up 34 to Michigan State. They are coming off a thumping of Northern Illinois, which probably was more of a vacation than a football game.

The Hoosiers have played well against Wisconsin in the past and certainly have a good chance to win this game. It's going to come down to turnovers and Kellen Lewis. If Lewis can hang on to the ball and make some good throws, particularly to James Hardy, the Hoosiers should hang around. Lewis and Hardy had Penn State beat if not for the field goals the offense gave away with second half turnovers.

Defense also will be a big issue. At some point, the Hoosiers are going to have to stop somebody if they are going to win a big game.

This is the "statement" game that can show the pundits, and bowl committees the Hoosiers are for real.