Saturday, September 8, 2007

Run some clock...

I'm not used to saying this ... the defense is carrying the Hoosiers in this half. On first down, IU runs it for a gain of three. A WMU injury stops the clock. Second down. Clock is running again. Lewis gives to Thigpen who gets caught from behind trying to turn the corner. WMU calls time out. 4:52 to go.

Third and nine. Lewis hands to Thigpen and he gets a couple yards. Fourth down, but the clock is running. IU will punt. The Hoosiers are running the play clock down to nearly 0 before doing anything.

The punt is downed at the WMU 38. 4 minutes to go.

Start to worry

IU needs a long drive here to run some clock and preferably get some points.

The kick-off goes out of bounds. IU takes it at its 35.

First down is a run to McCray who gets through the hole and gets a first down at its 47. McCray runs again, but loses a yard. Second and 11. Lewis throws to Fisher, who gets two yards. Third and nine. He stayed in bounds. Clock is running...

IU is called for false start on third down. Now it's third and 14. Lewis throws an interception. WMU gets the ball at the 48 yard line. James Bailey is down. He made the tackle on the pick. He's limping...

IU has been outscored 20-6 in the second half. On first down IU gets a sack. Nice play. Second and 12 after the two-yard loss. The pass is incomplete after the receiver couldn't hold the ball. Third down.

Big play coming up ... Huge play. And WMU is flagged for delay of game. Third and 17. Not the direction they want to go. The pass is overthrown. Fourth down. WMU punts. They down it at the IU 32 yard line. 5:35 to go.

Finish strong Part III

WMU has it first and 10. It's a hand-off for a gain of seven. Second down. No huddle. They get the first down. Shotgun ... the pass is incomplete. Second and 10. Pass is caught by Simmons over the middle for another first down. A gain of 14 and WMU now is at the IU 41. On first down, the hand-off goes for no gain. Second down and 10. The pass is incomplete, too high for Simmons. 9:06 to go in the game.

Third and 10. The tight end makes the catch for the first down. He was wide open. First down is pass into the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN. He may not have gotten his feet down. WMU inches closer... WMU is going for two. The pass is almost intercepted. Try is no good. IU leads 37-27. Under 9 minutes to go.

Finish strong Part II

Tech finally scores with 4:38 to go in the third quarter. They trail LSU 27-7. There are a ton of Tech fans in bayou country. They finally have something to cheer about. Auburn continues to lead 17-14 with five minutes left in the third.

That was a big series for the IU defense. Now the offense has to run some clock. They start at their 39 yard line. Lewis throws down field and out of bounds. Not the way you run the clock out.

Second and 10. Lewis throws in the flat to Fisher, who rolls out of bounds near the 46. A flag is down ... unsportsmanlike conduct on Fisher. Not smart...

Third and 17. Aren't we trying to run the clock? Lewis gives to Thigpen who runs to the 39. Another flag is down ... it's holding on IU. That's declined. Fourth and 10. IU will punt.

WMU gets it at 34 yard line. 10:55 to go.

Finish strong...

Virginia Tech is down 27-0 to LSU now with 7 minutes to go in the third quarter.

Western Michigan only has 37 yards rushing. They have been in come-back mode most of the night. IU is pretty balanced -- 197 rushing, 210 passing.

The kick-off goes to the one yard line and WMU takes it to the 24 yard line. First down is a deep ball, but it's dropped. The radio guys at first thought it was a catch. Second down is another incompletion. Third and 10. Another incompletion. WMU is flagged for holding, but IU declines it. Fourth down and WMU will punt. 12:13 to go in the game.

IU takes it at the 38 yard line.

The kick is up...

It's a 47-yard attempt. It's good!! The longest of kicker Austin Starr's career. That makes it 37-21 Hoosiers. They have a little more breathing room now. But touchdowns are much better than field goals.

IU has it again

Thigpen gets a good kick-off return. He goes 37-yards and gives IU good field position.

First and 10 from the IU 44. Thigpen takes the hand-off and gains about four yards. Second and six. Lewis fakes the hand-off and throws the Sears who takes it to the WMU 30 yard line for a first down. Another big play for the offense.

Five wide receivers on first down. Lewis' pass is deflected and incomplete. Second and 10. Lewis runs and gains only a yard. Third and long. Lewis has to run again and gets to the 30 for another yard or two. Fourth down and IU is going for it. It's too far for a field goal. Timeout is called by IU and now it looks like a field goal attempt.

Third and goal from deep in IU territory

Fourth quarter is underway.

Illinois beat Western Illinois 21-0. Wisconsin is down 7-6 to UNLV, but in the red zone with 10 seconds before halftime.

Third and goal. WMU gets the touchdown. Simmons makes the catch. Extra point is good ... IU leads 34-21.

We need one more good long drive and touchdown to put this game away. We should have given the knock-out blow early in the third quarter...

Officials are reviewing the play...

Virginia Tech still hasn't scored and now the third quarter is under way. Auburn continues to hold on to a 3-point lead over South Florida early in the third quarter.

Radio guys are saying the IU offense has been sloppy in the third quarter and I have to agree. This game should be over. The play is reversed after a review. No fumble.

WMU has it at the IU 7 and its third and goal. That's the end of the third quarter. IU leads 34-14.

More defense, WMU deep in its own territory

WMU gets a four-yard pass on first down. A pass out of the backfield goes for a big play. They get to the IU 43.

First down is a pass to no one in the end zone. Second and 10. Pass is caught at the IU 32 for a first down. Broncos are back in the no-huddle. A hand-off goes for three yards.

The defense has to step up here. WMU is working on a momentum change. Second down is a pass deep again, but it's knocked away. Third and eight. Simmons catches a pass and gets to the eight after IU forces the WMU QB to scramble and he makes something out of nothing again.

First and goal. WMU loses two on a QB sneak. It's second and goal from the 10. WMU fumbles again on the seven yard line after a quick run up the middle. IU recovers. Another HUGE defensive play. WMU has six turnovers.

Offense back once again

IU gets the ball at the 20 after the kick-off goes into the end zone. But there is a flag on IU for holding. IU now gets the ball at the 10. First and 10. Lewis throws to Hardy, who looked like he would catch it, but is hit hard and drops it. Second and 10. Lewis runs to the 15 and another flag is down. It's a late hit on Western Michigan -- a 15-yard penalty to the 31 yard line.

Lewis throws it away on first down. On second and 10, Thigpen gets to the 35 on a quick run. It's third and six. Lewis throws it at Brandon Walker-Roby, who can't make the catch. But thanks to a pass interference call (How many is that now?) It's a first down. That's 10 penalties on WMU. IU has nine.

Lewis runs for about a yard on first down. Second down and Lewis throws to Means, but he is whacked and its incomplete. Third down. Lewis throws it to Bailey, who can't catch it. The crowd is unhappy about something ... IU has to punt.

WMU takes it at the 11 yard line.

Kick off

Are we nearing garbage time? WMU takes the kick-off back for a touchdown. 98 yards. That was ugly. Extra point is good, in spite of a delay of game call. IU leads 34-14.

The Hoosiers have to keep their heads in the game here. There's still just under 5 minutes left in the third quarter. A long way to go yet...

Red zone problems

IU is one for three in the red zone this half. If the game was close that would be a big problem. Two of red zone drives includes chances from inside the five. Those have to be converted almost every time. If WMU did not turn the ball over so many times, this game may be a lot different right now.

It should be closer to 52-7 right now.

Offense needs to get going

McCray takes the hand-off and runs all the way to the 30 of WMU, but fumbles. IU recovers it.

Thigpen takes the hand-off on first down and loses one. Second down. Lewis swings it to Ray Fisher who runs to the WMU 20 for a first down. Thigpen takes the hand-off again and still can't get going. Second and 13. Lewis throws to Bailey, but he drops it. He appears hurt, according to the radio guys. Third down. Lewis throws to Fisher on a quick sideline pass and he runs it inside the 10. Another first down. A WMU player is injured, so there is a stop in play. It's raining again, 6:13 to go in the third quarter.

Both ESPN games are at halftime. I'm watching the NASCAR race now. Less than 85 laps to go, Jimmy Johnson is leading.

First and goal from the seven yard line. Thigpen still can't get a decent gain. A flag is down. Its on IU, first and goal from the 18. Lewis hits Fisher at the five yard line. Second and goal. Lewis throws to Hardy, but he can't catch it. It sounds like the defender made a good play.

Third and goal. Lewis throws to Hardy again. He catches it, but is out of bounds. Another field goal attempt. This one is good from 24 yards. IU leads 34-7.

Defense is on the field

James Hardy had only 27 yards receiving in the first half on three catches. But two were for touchdowns. Kellen Lewis threw for 136 yards and three touchdowns and ran for 40 yards. Thigpen had 54 yards rushing.

WMU is trying to move the ball. They are going without a huddle now. On third and one, WMU can't complete the pass. WMU is going to punt again ... it goes into the end zone for a touchback.

Auburn just took the lead against South Florida. Its 17-14 with 29 seconds left in the first half.

Good field position for the offense

IU needs to get a TD here. First down at the WMU 27. James Hardy is back in the game. Hoosierland signs with relief...

Lewis gives to Thigpen, he runs outside and can't go anywhere. Second and 12. Lewis hits Bailey on a quick pass to the outside. He takes it to the 19, third and two. Lewis throws at Bailey in the end zone, but its incomplete on a fade route. Fourth down.

The rain has stopped. IU misses a 37-yard field goal attempt. It's still 31-7 and IU has no scored after having the ball on the goal line for three chances and now inside the 30. That is not a good habit to get into, especially with Akron and conference season upcoming.

On the goal line...

Second down ... Lewis tries a QB sneak, but doesn't get in. Third down. Lewis sneaks again, this time to the right side. No TD signal again. He gets to the one-foot line. Fourth down.

They need to go for it. This is the knock-out blow. They're going for it. Lewis sneaks a third time and he still can't get in. Turnover on downs. UGH!!! How can you not get a foot? And what happened to all those running backs the Hoosiers had in the game?

WMU takes over. They try to surprise IU with a long bomb, but the pass is overthrown. The WMU QB rotation is complete, their starter is back in. Second down and WMU runs it out to about the three yard line. That brings up third down and eight.

WMU throws down field again ... incomplete. Here comes a punt from the back of the end zone. Looking for good field position here. Tracy Porter takes it at the WMU 39 and gets it to the 27 yard line.

Defense back in

First down and WMU fumbles again. IU recovers it!!! Another turnover recovered by the Hoosiers. And this one is deep in WMU territory.

I'm giving the defense the game ball this week. First down and Thigpen runs inside the five to the two yard line. There's a flag down ... its holding against the Hoosiers. First down again, this time at the 23 yard line. Lewis throws it to Hardy, who can't catch it. But pass interference is called.

Hardy is limping off the field, according to the radio guys. They say it may be a cramp. Hoosierland is holding its breath.

First down after the flag. Lewis gives to McCray who runs to the goal line and fumbles into the end zone. It's recovered by center Benn Wyss for the TOUCHDOWN!!!.

The play is reviewed ... McCray is ruled down at the one, making it second and goal. No TD yet...

Second half starting

IU takes the kick-off to about the 24 yard line. First down and Thigpen runs for a one-yard loss. Second down and 11. Lewis runs it to the 39 yard line for a first down. A gain of 16. Lewis can't get hurt, he accounts for almost all the offense.

First down. Lewis runs again. He wanted to throw, but couldn't find anyone. Second down 15. Lewis throws to Andrew Means, who runs to the 44. Third and five from near mid-field. Lewis throws over the middle, but it's knocked down. IU decides to punt.

The punt goes to the 15 and the radio guys think it hit an IU player. No return. WMU starts at its 15 yard line.

Halftime scoreboard

Iowa is beating Syracuse 28-0 at halftime, Illinois continues to lead Western Illinois 21-0 with two minutes to go. Wisconsin and UNLV are just getting started.

TV watch: South Florida is leading Auburn 14-10 at the start of the second quarter. Virginia Tech has yet to show up for the game against LSU ... the tigers lead it 24-0 early in the second quarter.

It's hard to fault the Hoosiers much in the first half. And for the first time in a long time, the defense has taken over the game. They forced four turnovers, including 21 points over three turnovers right at the end of the half. That was really impressive. Stats should be updated here soon...

The radio guys just said it has started raining in Kalamazoo. That may affect things in the second half.

On to halftime...

WMU takes the kick-off, but doesn't do anything with it. It's halftime. IU leads Western Michigan 31-7 after 28 unanswered points.

The radio guys just said someone is streaking. I have no response to that.

On the goal line...time for one more play

On third and goal from the 11. Lewis hits Hardy over the middle again in the end zone. TOUCHDOWN!!! Two catches, two TDs. That sounds familiar... The extra point is good. IU leads 31-7 with three seconds left in the half. Three turnovers, 21 points.

How about the defensive display?

That's 14 straight points off turnovers. Why did WMU switch quarterbacks? And what about James Hardy? He has three touchdown catches on the year now.

Austin Thomas is out for the game with a concussion.

The kick-off is taken by WMU to its 24 yard line. The Broncos changed QBs again. The new guy throws for a gain of three to the 27. Second down is a completion that moves WMU out to the 37 and a first down. The next throw is another IU INTERCEPTION. Mitchell Evans gets his second of the game.

IU can get another score before the half... Lewis gives the ball to McCray on first down, who takes it a few yards to the WMU 38. Second and six. McCray runs again, but is hit in the backfield and loses three. Third and nine. Lewis runs for it ... and gets the first down. 1:14 to go in the half.

IU is at the WMU 32. Lewis throws complete to Andrew Means to the 26. Second and three is a completion to Hardy for a first down. IU has one timeout left.

Lewis throws to James Bailey who makes the catch and runs out of bounds at the 12 yard line. Second and one. 27 seconds. Lewis throws at Means, but it's incomplete. 22 seconds.

Thigpen gets the hand-off and runs inside the five. First and goal at the four. IU false starts and moves back to the nine yard line. 15 seconds to go in the half.

Lewis throws into the end zone, but it's incomplete. Second and goal.

IU has six penalties in the half.

Lewis has to take a sack and IU calls time out with seven seconds left. Third and goal.

On the goal line...

Sears takes the hand-off and loses two yards on first and goal. Second down from the five yard line. Lewis throws a lob pass to Hardy, who catches it, but he was out of bounds. Third and goal.

On third down, Lewis throws it to Hardy for the TD, but IU is flagged for illegal shift. Third down and goal from the 10. Coach Lynch doesn't like the call...

Lewis throws into the end zone again and its incomplete. But there's another flag. WMU is offsides and IU gets the ball at the five yard line. It's third down for a third time. Less than 4 minutes to go in the half.

Lewis from the shotgun takes the snap, but IU is flagged for illegal procedure. Third down from the 10 yard line again. Lewis hits Hardy over the middle for a TOUCHDOWN!!! And with no flags. How about that. The extra point is good. Its IU-24, WMU-7.

Following the big fumble return...

With the Penn St. win complete, ESPN switches to LSU-Virginia Tech. Still no score early.

Auburn already is down 7-0 to South Florida early in the third quarter.

IU kicks and WMU and they take the kick-off into IU territory.

First down is a QB sneak for a loss of four. WMU already has replaced QBs. Now a freshman is in. On second down, the pass is incomplete. Third and 14. Under six minutes to go in the half.

The freshman takes the snap on third down and FUMBLES!! Will Patterson recovers for the Hoosiers and the offense is back in business. How about all this defense. That's at least three turnovers already and four sacks.

From the WMU 47. Lewis throws to Bailey for nine yards. Second and short. Thigpen runs for the first down on a gain of about five to the WMU 35. Thigpen runs again for a short gain, but WMU is flagged for a late hit. That's a 15-yard personal foul penalty. Now IU is at the WMU 16 yard line.

Lewis keeps and runs to the three yard line. First and goal.

After the punt...

WMU takes the ball at its 18 yard line. Time out for TV, which I can't see...

Early stats are available here, but they're very old.

South Carolina is trying to hang on ... Georgia has the ball down four with less than a minute to go. The gamecocks win it in a big upset.

Penn St. just beat ND 31-10.

WMU's QB can only go for one yard on first down. Second and nine and the Hoosier know the pass down at the line of scimmage. Third down and WMU makes a huge play again. It's a pass out to midfield. He was trying to avoid a sack and turns nothing into something. WMU on first down fumbles and D-lineman Greg Middleton runs it back for an IU TOUCHDOWN!!!. We're cashing in on turnovers! The extra point is good and its 17-7 Hoosiers.

Start of the second quarter

WMU finished the first quarter with a good run to the near mid-field for a first down.

On first down, WMU runs for a good gain. Austin Thomas is down. The radio guys say it looks like he took a hit in the head. He didn't move for several seconds, but he is sitting up now. Now he walks off the field on his own.

Another throw, another pass to Simmons. He makes the catch near the IU 35. WMU runs again to the 32. A run to the 29 brings up third down and two. IU forces a loss of two on a QB sneak to make it fourth down. WMU is going for it again, but they call time out before the play.

Penn St. is up 31-10 now with six minutes to go. South Carolina leads Ga. 16-12 with under five minutes left. But USC has the ball.

Fourth and four, and WMU converts again. IU nearly gets a sack, but the pass is good enough to get to the IU 21.

WMU throws into the end zone on first down, but the tight end drops it. Second and 10 is a hand-off for about a gain of one. Third and nine. IU gets a HUGE interception in the end zone and returns it to the 11 yard line. Brian Fairs makes the big play.

IU gets the ball back. Demetrius McCray runs for about five on first down. Thigpen gets the first down on second and five. He comes in motion and gets the hand-off as he passes by the center.

First down at the IU 25. Lewis throws to Fisher for seven yards. Lewis throws to Fisher, who takes it to the 38 yard line for a first down. Lewis throws incomplete, he was looking for James Hardy, who doesn't have a catch yet.

Second and 10, McCray runs for two yards. Third and eight. Lewis throws to James Bailey. He doesn't make the catch, but there is a flag for pass interference. That gives IU a first down at mid-field.

First down is an incomplete pass. It was a lateral, which is a loss of five. Second and 15. Five wide receivers ... Lewis throws incomplete. Another flag for holding on the Hoosiers. WMU declines it to make it third and 15. Lewis throws incomplete again, looking for Hardy. IU decides to punt on fourth down.

More offense

Iowa already is up 14-0 on Syracuse about half way through the first quarter. South Carolina continues to lead Georgia 16-9.

Ray Fisher takes the kick-off. He runs it to the 26.

On first down, Lewis goes into the shortgun. It's a hand-off to Thigpen, and he loses three yards. Second and 13. Lewis throws to Fisher for a gain of nine ... third and four. Lewis throws deep to Andrew Means who makes the catch inside the WMU 35. It's a 35-yard gain and a first down.

Lewis gives to Thigpen, who runs for about five yards to the WMU 29 yard line. Second and six. Thigpen runs again for no gain. Third and six is a Lewis run close to the first down. They spot it about a foot short. The Hoosiers appear to be going for it, but call time-out first.

Fourth and one ... Lewis throws to Sears for a TOUCHDOWN!!! It was a fake hand-off. The extra point is good. IU leads 10-7.

Goal line defense

From the IU 16...Simmons makes the catch, but it is a short gain. It's third down at the IU 7.

WMU scores a touchdown after the tight-end goes uncovered on a fake hand-off. The extra point is good. WMU leads 7-3.

The penalty on fourth down hurt. But settling for a field goal on the previous drive hurts more.

Defense is back on the field

Illinois has gone up 7-0 nearing with less than four minutes to go in the first half. Penn St. is up 24-10 now.

The kickoff is a touchback. WMU starts at its 20.

First down--WMU throws for a gain of nine. Second and short. The IU defense looked confused on the play, according to the radio. A run for a four gives WMU a first down. WMU receiver Jamarko Simmons takes a pick away from IU for a 20-yard gain. Expect to hear his name a lot.

First down from the shotgun. It's a pass for a 4-yard gain to the Hoosiers 44 yard line. Second down is another sizable gain for third and short. WMU goes no-huddle and runs for the first down after a three-yard gain.

The ball is deep in IU territory now. WMU throws a screen pass that is knocked away. Second and 10 at the IU 37. It's another pass complete, but a good tackle to keep the gain to about two yards. Third and eight. WMU false starts again. Third and 13. WMU's QB takes it himself, but he runs for two yards. It's fourth down, but WMU is going for it. It's too far for a field goal.

It's a quick kick and IU fair-catches it at the 16. IU is called for a 5-yard penalty for offsides and WMU's offense comes back on the field. They are going to go for it on 4th and 7. Simmons makes a one-handed catch for a first down at the IU 24. The penalty killed the Hoosiers there.

On first down, the defense makes a great play on a swing pass for a loss of three. That makes it second and 13. WMU runs the ball on second down for about six. It's third and seven from the IU 21. The Hoosiers get some pressure on WMU's QB on third down, but he runs for a first down.

On the 14th play of the drive, IU gets a sack. Second and long.

Nearing the goal line...

Thigpen runs for three yards to the 7 on first down. On second down, Sears gets two or three to about the three yard line. It's the power look, I formation, Lewis throws incomplete in the endzone. It's fourth down and IU is moving to attempt a field goal.

It's a 22-yard attempt and it is good. IU leads 3-0.

The offense probably should have gotten six points there. But they did move the ball nicely into the red zone. Especially that conversion on 3rd and 10.

Offense first drive

Kellen Lewis begins the series with a pass to Ray Fisher for about five yards. WMU's big safety is not playing tonight. Second down...the pass is incomplete. Third and five is a false start against IU. Third and 10. Lewis runs for a big gain to the WMU 37 yard line. It's a gain of 19.

Marcus Thigpen runs for 18 on first down inside the 20. Thigpen runs again, but for about a half a yard on first down. On second down Thigpen makes another good run for 9 yards, near a first down. On third and short, Josiah Sears goes over the top for a first down at the 10.

IU has called time-out, but is knocking on the door.

Here we go...

IU kicks off to start the game. Let's go big D...

Western Michigan begins at the 20 after a touchback. There is no wind, WMU is moving left to right on my radio dial.

First down is a false start. First and 15. And then another false start. First and 20. WMU certainly is going in the right direction. Finally, a play. It's a quick pass for six yards. On second down, an incomplete pass. Third and 14. Almost a sack, but the pass is completed near the first down marker, but about a yard short of the first down.

WMU punts to Tracy Porter who runs it back to the IU 43.

Kick off

Penn St. just kicked a field's 17-7 now. Georgia is driving into South Carolina territory about half way through the third quarter. Carolina stopped them and is driving now inside the Georgia 30.

Stand up for the national anthem...

By the way, anyone out there know why Penn St. paints their goal lines yellow? Is that so it's easier for the players to see or something?

Texas A&M beat Fresno State in 3 overtimes. It looks like Fresno scored what would have been the tying touchdown, but missed the two-point conversion. A&M made its 2-pointer in the first possession of the third overtime.

Waiting for the starting line-ups now...

Back in the "Man Cave" ready for football

I'm back at my post, ready for another IU game via the radio. My Man Cave is once again ready. Georgia-South Carolina on one channel, Penn St.-Notre Dame on the other. Just FYI:
  • Penn St. is up 14-7 at halftime
  • South Carolina continues to lead Georgia 10-3 in the third quarter

Other Big Ten scores:

  • Illinois and Western Illinois are scoreless after the first quarter
  • Minnesota beat Miami, Ohio 41-35
  • Ohio State beat Akron 20-2 (Yes, OSU gave up a safety)
  • Purdue whitewashed Eastern Illinois 52-6
  • Northwestern beat Nevada 36-31
  • Michigan State beat Bowling Green 28-17
  • Oregon thumped Michigan 39-7 (I'm still talking someone into remaining somewhat positive about the football season)

Hoosier Game Day

IU is in Kalamazoo, Mich. today for an evening game against Western Michigan. This is an important game. It is a chance for the Hoosiers to show the Big Ten they are not a doormat this year. Western Michigan is a tough team, even though they don't play in a BCS conference. And don't be fooled by last week's score -- West Virginia beat the Broncos 62-24 -- this team has some talent and can score points. They were 8-5 last year and have 15 seniors.

My concern, like those who cover IU football day-to-day, is the defense. The odds-makers are expecting a lot of scoring, and it is going to fall on the defense to get some stops late. This game may end up similar to an Arena Football game, where one stop will be enough to win the game. Case in point? Last week. Western Michigan ran up 277 total yards on the road against a top 5 team. Nearly all of those yards, 245, came through the air. Receiver Jamarko Simmons had 145 yards receiving and two touchdowns. The IU secondary will have some work to do.

But the Hoosier offense, clearly its strength, should flourish. West Virginia ran up 542 yards of total offense against the Broncos, including 316 yards rushing, an average of 7 yards per rush. Heisman candidate Steve Slaton had 109 of those yards and three touchdowns. West Virginia QB Pat White, another Heisman candidate, rushed for 97 yards and threw for 192. IU quarterback Kellen Lewis, receiver James Hardy and the core of running backs should have room to run.

I think the game will be close, but I think IU can pull this one out. IU will win it 35-31.

Some other previews are here, here and here.

The game begins at 8 p.m. on ESPNU. That's another channel I don't get on my cable, so I'll be next to my radio with the computer gamecasts on my screen. And of course, live blogging.

High school file

Another of my alma matres, Carmel High School in Mundelein, Ill., took care of business last night on the football field. They beat conference foe Marian Catholic 29-7. The only points Carmel gave up in the game were on a fumble returned for a touchdown with less than 2 minutes to play.

Also, notice who covered the game ... one my Lake Affected colleagues, T.J. Brown.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

IU-Western Michican two days away...

The latest odds indicate IU and Western Michigan are a toss-up this week. The line opened at with Western Michigan a 2-point favorite. The over-under is big ... 60 1/2. Apparently Vegas is expecting a lot of offense.

And for you Michigan fans out there, the Wolverines are an 8-point favorite against Oregon in the Big House this weekend. So much for a tail-spin after the big loss last weekend. The over-under is 64 1/2.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

IU post-game

Here is a link to the Indianapolis Star's photo array from last night's victory. And here is the box score from Indiana University. The link also has some photo galleries.

Next week's game at Western Michigan is at 8 p.m. Saturday on ESPNU. It looks like I'll either be listening on the radio or watching at the bar. I don't have that station in my cable package.