Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is my wife a football widow?

If you have read this blog on more than one occasion, you probably know that I like football. Especially the brand played by the Indiana Hoosiers, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears. I watch a lot of of football. I pace. I scream at the television. I read newspaper sports pages and Internet sites. I discuss the game with friends and colleagues.

My wife of four weeks likes football, too. She follows the University of Michigan and the New England Patriots. Having attended Michigan, she knows how passionate football fans can be and what it means to live and die with a team. But she doesn't take it to that extreme.

Usually on Sundays if I'm watching either the Steelers or the Bears, she spends the afternoon in another room. Most of the time it is watching another TV show or reading. Today she let me stay home and watch the end of the Bears loss to the Lions while she did the grocery shopping. But I spent that time completing household chores while watching the game.

Have I made my wife a football widow? Is it wrong that I'm passionate about my teams and show it? I would contend the answer is No. I don't completely ignore my wife on Sundays or during Saturday college games. We still talk while I am watching the games. I don't invite friends over to our place, nor do I go to bars, to watch games. And I rarely attend games in person. I just like to watch football, like millions of Americans. My wife does not appear to be annoyed by our routine and I don't feel like I'm as wrapped up in the game as I could be. Have I made her a football widow?