Saturday, November 17, 2007

Clear purpose today

There's not much to talk about today when Indiana plays Purdue for the Old Oaken Bucket. Beat the Boilers, get a bowl bid.

Of course that is much easier written than done. Purdue can scores lots of points and the IU defense is not the shut-down type the Pittsburgh Steelers employ in the NFL. The Hoosiers will have to bend, but refuse to break and try to keep the score at a manageable level. That will let the offense play its game. Keep the turnovers to a minimum and the Hoosiers should be in it.

It would be a great victory, especially in Bloomington. IU wants very badly to have something to cheer for in the fall and this year could attract the fans they need to re-establish the football program.

IU will be honoring the 1967 Rose Bowl team, the only Hoosier team to ever get there, and wearing throw-back uniforms (pictured). The photo is from

Win it for Hep ... win it for 13 ... win it for the bucket ... win it because it's Purdue. IU has won the bucket only once in the last 10 years.

Side note: IU should be rooting for Michigan to beat Ohio State this weekend. That may be the best scenario for a bowl, especially if IU can't get win number seven. A Michigan win puts the Wolverines in the Rose Bowl and OSU may still be able to slip into a BCS game with two loses. That leaves an extra bowl bid for the Hoosiers to grab. It may be unlikely, but if OSU wins, Michigan definately is going to the Capital One Bowl and IU will have to battle for the remaining spots.

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