Saturday, September 22, 2007

Second half underway...

Even though Illinois has done real well in the first half. IU is only down by 13. A touchdown and a defensive stop early in the third quarter will help a bunch.

IU gets the ball to start the third quarter on the 25 yard line. First down, Thigpen takes it for a gain of 9. Second and 1. Thigpen gets it again and goes for the first down. Gain is about four yards.

First down. Lewis throws to Means for a gain of 6 to the 45 yard line. Second and 4. Lewis throws again, but Thigpen can't catch it. Third and 4. Need a conversion here. Lewis throws to Fisher, who is knocked down. Flag thrown. Penalty is against Illinois and it gives IU a first down at the 49.

On first down, Lewis throws the ball away and is flagged for grounding. The ball didn't get to the line of scrimmage. Second down and 16 from the 43. Lewis tries to throw, but is sacked again for a loss of 3. Third and a mile. Lewis throws deep to Hardy, but it's incomplete. Fourth down is a punt.

A good start to the drive, but a bad finish. Illinois blocks the punt and recovers the ball at the IU 25.

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