Saturday, September 22, 2007

Illinois has the ball again

They are trying to run the clock. First down is a run for a couple yards. 4:20 to go.

Second and 8, its a short gain. Third down and 4. IU calls time out. The defense stops them. Punt upcoming, but the clock is running...

The punt goes out of bounds at the 20. First down Indiana. Lewis throws to Walker-Roby for a gain of 7. Lewis throws to Payton for a first down. He stepped out of bounds. First down. Lewis throws incomplete. Second and 10 from the 31. Lewis throws incomplete again. Third and 10. Lewis throws incomplete. Fourth down. 2:41 to go. Lewis runs for the first down and is tackled near midfield.

On first down Lewis throws incomplete. Second and 10. Lewis throws deep and incomplete. Third down. Lewis hits Sears for the first down near the Illinois 38. He got out of bounds. About 2 minutes to go. On first down, Thigpen runs for a few yards up the middle. Lewis throws to Bailey for a first down again at the 25. 1:41 to go.

Lewis throws to Hardy for a 9-yard completion and IU calls time out. They are at the Illinois 25 now.

Nebraska has closed to 37-35.

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