Saturday, September 22, 2007

IU needs a good offensive drive here...

IU takes the ball at the 20 after the kick-off goes into the end zone. McCray is hurt. Radio guys say he's questionable. More than 35,000 in the house today.

On first down, IU gains 8, but is called for holding. That makes it first and 14. The penalty is from the spot of the foul. Payton runs for 6 on first down. Second and 8. Lewis runs for about 3 on second down. It's third and 3. Means picks up the first down on a pass from Lewis.

Lewis runs the option and keeps. He gains a few. On second down, Lewis fumbles, picks it up and throws to Means. He takes it across midfield for a first down. It's a gain of 19 on the busted play.

First down again. A reverse to Means goes for a good gain to the Illinois 44. Second and 5. Lewis throws for Means, but it's incomplete. Third down. IU calls timeout. This is another big play early.

UNC is on the board now. It's 14-3 South Florida.

Illinois has brought it's band to the game. I guess Champaign is close enough for them to travel to Bloomington. After the timeout, Lewis is sacked. Another punt.

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