Saturday, September 22, 2007

IU with the ball to start the fourth quarter

Nebraska just took the lead over Ball State with a touchdown.

Meanwhile, IU has the ball, first and 10 on its own 18. We're getting close to must-score time.

Lewis runs, but only gets 2. Second and 8. Lewis throws to Hardy, who catches it and fumbles. Illinois recovers the fumble. Hope is fading here. IU has 4 turnovers.

Illinois has the ball at the IU 27. One more score and it may be over. The first down play is a hand-off for 7 yards. Second and 3. Another run, and it is a first down at the IU 17. Another run, this one for 4 yards. Second and 6. Williams runs the option and pitches. It goes for another first down at the IU 6. A touchdown could put the game away. They only need one more play. Touchdown. With the extra point, Illinois leads 27-7.

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