Saturday, September 22, 2007

IU defense back on the field

We'll see if the defense made some adjustments. So far, total yards are about even. Illinois has done almost all of their work on the ground. They have only 2 yards passing.

USF is up 14-0 now.

On first down, Williams runs for 6 yards. Second and 4. Illinois gets another 6 yards. First down. The pass is behind the receiver and incomplete. Second and 10. Williams completes the pass. He catches, then drops it, but it is not ruled a fumble. Third and long. Illinois runs for the first down on a gain of 16. It was a draw play. Illinois is in IU territory now. On first down, Juice Williams runs for 6 again. Did I mention the need for a defensive adjustment?

On second down, Illinois gets another big gain. This time 11 yards. Another first down. Another run, but the Hoosiers stop him for a loss of 2. It's second and 12 near the IU 28. Williams runs for 2, but it's third and 10. Early big play here...

From the shotgun, Williams throws incomplete. Another field goal attempt. This one should be about 45 yards. It's good again. Illinois leads 6-0.

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