Saturday, September 22, 2007

IU offense needs to respond

Not a bad effort by the defense to hold Illinois to a field goal after the pass interference penalty. But Illinois seems to be finding some holes in the IU run defense. The Hoosiers may need to make some adjustments.

USF already is up 7-0 on Carolina. WVU is on the goal line, already up 3-0. It didn't take long to make it 10-0.

IU takes the kick to about the 30. First down, and Demetrius McCray gains three on the hand-off. Second down and Lewis throws to Andrew Means. He can't catch it, but Illinois is flagged for pass interference. First down IU.

Ball is at midfield. Lewis rolls left and throws incomplete. The ball is short and knocked away, according to the radio guys. Second down. Bryan Payton runs for no gain. Third and 10. Lewis rolls right and gets sacked. Fourth down. Time to punt. Illinois runs it to about the 35 after a bouncing punt.

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