Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not a good way to end the half

The IU offense is getting into rhythm, but the defense hasn't figured out how to stop them yet.

IU gets the ball at the 25 on the kick-off. 37 seconds to go.

Lewis throws to Means for a first down. 30 seconds left. Lewis hits Hardy at midfield who gets out of bounds. Is there something going here?

First down again. Lewis throws to Fisher, who gets out of bounds at the Illinois 42. 16 seconds to go. Lewis throws to Hardy, but its incomplete. Hardy couldn't stay in bounds. 9 seconds to go. IU calls timeout.

There's maybe enough time for two more plays. IU still has one more timeout.

Lewis hits Thigpen over the middle for a gain to the 39. IU calls timeout again. It would be a 57-yard field goal. Likely a hail mary coming...

Lewis can't find anyone and is sacked for a 23-yard loss. Halftime. IU is down 20-7.

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