Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hoosiers in trouble...

The defense has got to figure out this Illinois offense. It is eating them alive right now.

IU gets the ball at the 35 after the kick-off. On first down, Thigpen runs for one yard. Second and long. Lewis throws incomplete. Third and 9. Lewis runs up the middle for a first down to about the 47. Lewis runs again, this time to the Illinois 33. Radio call says the officials missed a late hit. Lewis slide at the end of the run and was hit, but no flag.

First down. Lewis runs the reverse to Ray Fisher, and it goes to the 17 yard line. The ball comes loose and Illinois gets it. The play is being reviewed...IU thinks Fisher was down before the ball came out.

Reviews says its a fumble. Illinois gets it. First down. Hand-off goes for about 3. Second and 7 at the 20. Williams is hit and throws it away before he is brought down. No grounding because it goes across the line of scrimmage. Third down and long. Williams runs up the middle for a first down.

Somebody stop this guy. It was a gain of 15 on third and 7.

Another run for about 6 on first down. The second down throw goes for a first down at the 47. Williams throws incomplete to bring up second down. A run for no gain forces a third and 10.

How about a stop to force a punt? Williams throws and it's incomplete. The Hoosier defender knocked it away. Illinois decides to punt. IU gets it at the 21.

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